Asset Management

“Participation in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit industry is a commitment to improving the lives of people who live in the developments.”

subpg-1As a full-service tax credit syndicator, IFG Capital recognizes that the best returns are only possible through rigorous asset management systems and procedures. IFG Capital’s management team has been responsible for the management of over 1,500 properties nationwide and our operations are designed to be proactive in identifying and correcting any issues. Each local partnership is responsible for the day-to-day management of the property and is required to produce annual, quarterly and monthly reports. IFG Capital carefully monitors the operations of the properties, reviews the reports for potential issues that could affect the financial stability of the properties or the flow of tax credits and conducts annual site visits to all of the developments.

IFG Capital has further enhanced its asset management capabilities by engaging Tax Credit Asset Management (“TCAM”) to provide counsel for fund and asset management services. TCAM is an independent investment manager providing asset management and advisory services to owners of real estate and renewable energy assets. TCAM’s executives are experts in the affordable housing and tax credit industries with decades ofexperience and success in leading the underwriting, structuring and management of multi-billion dollar portfolios. TCAM currently provides asset management services for more than 78,000 housing units in over 500 properties in 45 states.