“The key to success is to reduce risk every step of the way.”

— Thomas Riha, COO IFG Capital

Our collective experience has proven that the mitigation of risk can be shown through five positive attributes.

We know that through these characteristics, IFG Capital adds value through every step of the LIHTC process.


We firmly believe that trust is created only through adhering to the highest standards and values for self, company and community. We begin all project due diligence by ensuring that every member of our team has the skill and experience to provide the highest quality of service to client partners.


IFG Capital executives have cultivated long-term relationships throughout their careers. IFG Capital is a company, whose core is built on years of experience and the commitment to foster long-term success, which is proven by our individual track records.


Knowledge is gained through insight, introspection and continuous improvement. IFG Capital scrutinizes each from every perspective in order to thoroughly satisfy the specifications of our investment partners. We pride ourselves in our keen understanding of the market participants, industry trends and standards affecting our everyday business.


IFG Capital’s management team collectively brings years of real estate experience to our organization. Through our dynamic and extensive backgrounds, we have a unique understanding of all components of the real estate and tax credit industry.


Closing on a tax credit development is only the beginning. Our management team is immersed into every phase and is well positioned to help our investors assess, manage and preserve their investments. Our meticulous state-of-the-art reporting and on-site risk mitigation procedures cover all market, construction, compliance, operations, audit and reserve requirements.