Our Values

IFG Capital is governed by its core values. They form the character and culture of our organization.


Act with unyielding integrity by maintaining the highest ethical standards and by being consistently honest and forthright to ensure our actions exceed the highest levels in our industry.

Passion with Purpose

Have pride, excitement and perseverance in every situation with a positive attitude in each transaction to ensure the success of our company in the future.


Foster an honest and nurturing work environment so our people can achieve their best in order to maximize performance for the company and themselves.


Take ownership of building a stable and forward thinking organization that allows our people to improve communities, the environment and meet our commitment to the developers and investors.


Build durability in our future by acting with speed and flexibility to anticipate obstacles and create new and innovative opportunities.

Fiscally Responsible

Commit to our investors, partners and to ourselves that every transaction we make will be done by providing the best returns economically and socially.